How Life Alarm medical alert systems work...

When a medical emergency occurs in the home, Life Alarm personal emergency response system is just a press of a button away. Our two-way voice medical alert system is there for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When you need help, simply press your waterproof medical alert HELP button which activates your Life Alarm™ medical alert system.

Within seconds your Life Alarm™ medical alert system dials our emergency medical alert monitoring center and establishes two-way voice communication with a Life Alarm™ operator. "Hello, Ms. Jones, this is Cindy from Life Alarm™. We received your medical signal, Do you need help?"

"Yes, Yes... I'm having chest pains! I need someone to help me."

"I'll call your neighbor Helen and send her right over... and I'll dispatch an ambulance to your home for you. I'll stay on line with you until they arrive."

"Ms. Jones, this is Cindy from Life Alarm™, the ambulance is on the way. I've also informed your daughter of what happened."

Questions? Call 1-800-780-5433

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